Meet DAF

DAF Board of Directors

Matt Waller

Matt Waller with Diamonds and Fields, Pakersburg, IowaMatt has coached youth sports at many levels with ages ranging from 5-18 years-old and has a passion for providing the best learning environments for youth while they’re participating in sports.

Growing up in a baseball family, Matt has great memories of going to the local ball fields with his entire family to play ball on Sunday afternoons. However, as a youth it was a life-changing injury to his best playing buddy that changed his outlook on sports and fuels his passion for youth sports to this day. As a teenager, his older brother was in an accident that left him paralyzed and changed Matt’s perspective on sports forever. Over 25 years later, one of his favorite things to do in life is playing ball with his family – his children, wife, parents, and siblings, which includes his athletic, perfectly able-bodied, wheelchair bound brother.

Having seen first-hand how parents of wheelchair bound children will travel great distances to provide their child with an opportunity to participate in an athletic activity, Matt has made it a priority to have the new Parkersburg sports complex serve as an outlet for children and families of all abilities to participate in America’s favorite past time. Having the 100% wheelchair accessible Miracle League field will help do just that.

Dave Cleary

Dave Cleary with Diamonds and Fields in Parkersburg, Iowa

Dave is a lifelong resident of Parkersburg, and is a well-connected and well-respected member of the community. His connections helped bring together the group of people that now make up the DAF Board of Directors. Professionally, Dave has been in the consulting engineering business for 20 years, so his expertise in that area has served well in the search for the ideal land for the new youth sports complex and will continue to be a great asset to DAF throughout the construction of the complex.

Dan Bruns

Dan Bruns with Diamonds and Fields in Pakersburg, IowaWhen the EF5 tornado destroyed a large section of Parkersburg in 2008 (his home included), Dan spearheaded the efforts to raise financial support for the development of a $1 million youth playground. Along with the fundraising efforts, Dan was also instrumental in the construction of the new playground by overseeing volunteer efforts throughout the construction process (the playground was built less than 12 months after the tornado). Professionally Dan has been involved in the community for many year. He was the Parkersburg Citizen of the Year in 2011 and currently is a city council member.

Tara Miller

Tara MillerTara is a lifelong resident of Parkersburg and has a passion for youth sports along with a wealth of softball knowledge having played the sport beyond high school at the collegiate level. Her family was the driving force behind the development of the town’s little league facility over 30 years ago. Professionally, Tara works for a college in a neighboring community working in the recruitment of students.

Klay Hoppenworth

Klay Hoppenworth

Klay has lived in Parkersburg his entire life. He was an assistant baseball coach at A-P high school for nearly 10 years and currently coaches the A-P middle school teams. Klay also coaches his young boys’ baseball teams and is a board member of the A-P little league. His family was integral in building A-P’s existing high school baseball facility. Professionally, Klay is an art teacher in a neighboring community. His art skills have served well in the creation of the ball park designs.